Age: 2

Sex: male

Info: Twix is pretty shy at first, he’ll hide a few days but then comes out to explore and conquer the place. He is a vicious hunter! He will chase all the strings, balls and feather toys he can find tirelessly and hunt them down. This includes strings from window blinds as well! He is super playful and very fun to watch. If you hold up a string, he will come close and start chewing on it, and floss his teeth in the meantime. He is friendly towards other cats and craves cat attention and play. During the day he’ll go close to Scruffy and mildly chirp to call him to play together. He’ll always have Scruffy’s back when Scruffy is out to play; Twix happily shows Scruffy around and makes him feel more comfortable. He does not like being touched or picked up by humans though, but he will happily play together with toys. He did not like salmon flavoured wet food, but didnt mind it in dry food. Excellent litter habits, does well with high sided box and wood pellets.

Location: catoro cafe