DOB: 5/2/2018

Sex: Male

Info: Warrior (aka Wonder) is a snuggly ball of energy. He loves to play with toys and drink from a fountain. Every morning he spends time watching the birds and pretending to chase them. Warrior would love to be the King of his own castle, preferring a space where he can get all of your attention. Due to a challenging life he is not a fan of sharing his space. Warrior is missing part of his lower jaw and most of his teeth on one side. However it doesn’t hold him back at all. He loves wet food and dry alike but is a bit of a messy eater ! He does his best to clean up after himself but will likely need a bit of a helping hand every day. This sweet boy is also learning about how to be brushed as he is not used to it. Slowly but surely he is figuring it out. With patience and love, the beautiful boy will love you like no other

Location: Foster Care