We’re always looking for dedicated volunteers concerned about the welfare of abandoned, abused and surrendered cats who are willing to donate their time, energy and passion to our rescue efforts.

First, we’ll discuss the fostering process. If you are looking to volunteer in a different role (there’s several), please keep scrolling or simply click here.

Become a foster parent

Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent! By being a foster you make it possible for us to take in kitties we would otherwise not have room for and would be otherwise euthanized.

Cat Therapy and Rescue Society is a registered charity that saves approx 50-100 cats every month and our goal is to take cats who otherwise would be put down and rehabilitate them and put them into forever loving homes. While fostering for us we take full responsibility for the pet and provide them with any necessary medical, food, litter, and other needed supplies.

We often need fosters for adult cats or kittens when our adoption centre is full or cats that are sick and need somewhere to recover. The cornerstone of any rescue group is the support of volunteers and those who offer to open their home as a foster parent to an animal in need.

Without foster homes, we would not be able to save these innocent lives.

Fostering FAQ

Where do I get my cat from?2018-10-03T11:16:11-07:00

We have several pickup locations and if you do not have a car we can sometimes arrange for drop off.

How long do I foster for?2023-01-12T23:12:17-08:00

Usually a few weeks up to a few months depending on each situation. If you can no longer care for them we need a week’s notice to move them or pickup.

Are supplies provided?2018-10-03T11:18:33-07:00

Yes! We provide basic supplies such as litterbox, litter and food for the duration of their stay.

What happens to the supplies when I am done fostering?2018-10-03T11:20:17-07:00

We will need all the supplies back so we can sanitize them and continue to lend them out to fosters.

What happens if a cat gets sick in my care?2018-10-01T19:25:41-07:00

You would contact us ASAP by email and we would arrange to have the cat go to the vet immediately or get you the necessary medications.

What if I run out of supplies?2019-09-14T14:14:29-07:00

We will provide supplies for the entire time your kitty(s) is with you. We have various pickup locations across the city and if you do not drive we can arrange to have a volunteer drop some off.

What types of cats are available to foster?2018-10-01T19:24:31-07:00

Adults, kittens under 8 weeks, bottle feeding kittens, nursing moms with kittens, long term geriatric fosters, cats recovering from spay or neuter or other cats or kittens needing a place to recover or needing medications.

Are the cats healthy?2018-10-01T19:23:44-07:00

The cats are looked at by a vet and treated for fleas and intestinal parasites, however, sometimes they can get sick and for this reason, we do recommend you keep them separated from other pets.

Where should the cats be kept?2018-10-01T19:15:25-07:00

Indoors always! Preferably in a separate room or bathroom away from other pets.


Foster Parent Application Process

Foster Parent Application

Please complete all fields fully and accurately to submit the foster form.

The information you send is private and will not be provided to anyone else. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can email us at [email protected]


Unable to foster? 

No problem, we have several volunteer positions available. 

There are a number of ways to get involved, which include volunteering at adoption centres, fundraising, administrative duties and driving.

We have a great deal of affection for our furry friends and there are a number of ways volunteers provide support than just caring for cats.

Please complete all fields fully and accurately to submit the general volunteer form.

If you are looking to have someone sign off your volunteer hours for a program or school, we would be more than happy to do so. Please just let us know beforehand so that we can log all hours.
The information you send is private and will not be provided to anyone else. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us.


Volunteer Application

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