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Age: 2.5 years Sex: Female Info: Raised with children and other cats. Very gentle and affectionate and likes to sleep in beds. Location: Catoro Cafe  


Age: 3 years Sex: Female Info: Lucy is beautiful blind dilute Calico girl with long, soft fur. She is very brave in unfamiliar situations, and although she can be uneasy at first, she quickly becomes curious and trusting of gentle hands. She's very comforted by her fox plushie and absolutely LOVES to be brushed! She'll


Age: Sex: Female Info: Carlata is a slightly timid girl with a uniquely patterned coat and the sweetest face. She loves to snuggle up in a soft bed and has a healthy appetite. She needs a little longer to learn how to trust, but she is always sweet-tempered and docile, and earning her affection is

Sarah (Left)

Age: 2 years Sex: Female Info: Sarah is a cautious girl but she is also quite outgoing, and her desire for attention always outmatches her hesitation. She's good at expressing her feelings whether it's through a hiss or a meow, but she is very sweet-natured and only wants to give and receive love. She has


Age: 2 years Sex: Male Steven is a quiet and inquisitive boy who loves small spaces, but he will always come out for treats. He is good-natured and gives the sweetest gentle head-bonks to show you his affection. Location: Foster Home


Age: 2 years Sex: Male Info: Sammy is a beautiful snow-white boy with big round eyes like blue pools. He likes high places the most, where he can observe everything that's happening. He is a little nervous but relaxes when you slow-blink at him or close your eyes to show him everything is okay. Location:


Age: 2 years Sex: Male Rocky is a big boy who is quite bashful, but his curiosity gets the better of him. He likes to be able to observe his surroundings, and is gentle to both cats and people. Location: Foster Home


Sex: Male Age: 2 years Dougie is a quiet boy who can't resist being curious about what you're doing. He likes cozy spots and loves to cuddle with his siblings, and always brightens up when offered treats. His uniquely coloured eyes are a show-stopper! Location: Foster Home


Age: 2 years Sex: Male Info: Blue is a sweet boy with eyes like clear summer skies. Although he is quite shy, he is also very curious, and loves to see what's going on. His weakness is gentle head pets! Location: Foster Home

Big Boy

Age: 2 Sex: Male Info: Big boy is a gentle giant with round blue eyes. He's a little timid and introverted and he likes small quiet spaces that he can observe from. He's comforted by cuddling with his siblings. Location: Foster Home