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Pumpkin (orange kitty) I got just over a month ago from ctrs he’s settling in with his brothers but he definitely has the baby brother brat attitude .. yesterday fresh fish was caught & they all got to enjoy some sashimi. They’re so spoiled


Age: 5 months Sex: Female Independent but like to be pet and held. Likes to perch high and watch what is going on around the home. She is easy to handle for grooming and care. Friendly and playful. Loves lapping but will not stay long as she is busy with things to do. Location: PetSmart


Age: 5 months Sex: Male Playful and energetic and loves to play with brooms. Prefers staying with people rather than cats. He is very busy but also love to snuggle and get pets. He will come for a snuggle when the energy is spent. Location: PetSmart Coquitlam  


Age: 2 years approx Sex: Male Magoo is a lovely 2 year old male cat. He was abandoned by his owner and lived outside for a bit before foster, and was initially quite shy. He took a week or so to warm up, and between being affectionate would sometimes hiss when overwhelmed or people were


Age: 1 year approx Sex: Female She is great balanced cat. She loves affection and attention but also content with her own space and time in the day. She was a great mom to her babies and now she is ready to be her own playful cat self. She is gentle and easygoing and will


DOB: 3/2022 Sex: Male He doesn’t like being too close to people, but doesn’t want to be left out either. He always waits for me at the other side of the door when I’m in the bedroom or bathroom and calls me. He does attention seeking from a distance. He doesn’t like being picked up


DOB: 3/2022 Sex: Male Social and friendly and easygoing. Likes to be in the same room all the time. He is social and happy to be pet and doesn't mind being picked up. He is good with his siblings and likely with other animals in the home. Location: South Surrey Petsmart


DOB: 3/2022 Sex: Male He wants attention a lot. He is always around and waiting to be pet. He doesn’t mind to be held or picked up, but it’s not his favourite thing. He likes snuggling when he feels it. He plays, wrestles and cuddles with his brothers. He doesn’t mind hanging out with the


DOB: 4/1/22 Sex: Male He is very sweet, friendly and playful with cats with good manners. He loves to play and explore. He is full of energy and loves to play with all the toys and things around that he find interesting. He doesn't like being picked up, but he loves to be pet, and

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