Age: 5 years approx
Sex: Female

Nevra is a big beautiful girl with a shiny black coat and big green eyes. She is a little reserved initially but soon adapts to her new surroundings and then her sweet easy going nature appears.

Nevra purrs easily and enjoys hanging out and chilling with her human friends. Her two favourite things are napping and humans and she likes to have them at the same time when possible. She is tolerant of cats and dogs, preferring polite dogs a little bit more.

Nevra was left behind when her owner moved away. Luckily a kindly neighbour rescued her just in the nick of time as she was diagnosed with a life threatening internal infection during a routine vet visit. She is all healed now and ready for her new family. Nevra is a little on the robust side so may need to have a weight controlled diet.

Location: Foster Care