Named “Sass” by her foster family and “Juliette” by CTRS, we adopted her in July 2018 at the Maple Ridge location. She is the kitty we never knew we needed. After a very stressful year for my family, we picked up Sass to add to our family and to symbolize a fresh start for us.

It was SO busy the day we came to look at her, and I don’t know how the volunteer was so cheerful with such a workload – but she was, and it helped make the experience so much easier. We fell in love with several cats waiting for our turn, but the one we had in mind from the website was in the back room and stole our hearts right away. I love that CTRS takes photos of failies with their new pets, and I come back to the site/FB page just to read about their future rescues now.

We can’t imagine life without Sass! She is so chill, and so weird, and so so spoiled.