Success Story: Pumpkin

Pumpkin (orange kitty) I got just over a month ago from ctrs he’s settling in with his brothers but he definitely has the baby brother brat attitude .. yesterday fresh fish was caught & they all got to enjoy some sashimi. They’re so spoiled

Success Story: Minnie

I fostered Minnie & instantly Fell in Love with her & could not let her go so I ended up adopting her. She has brought so much joy & happiness to my life ❤ Adopted Novemeber 2018 ! Great Caring Place to adopt from❤️ -Jessica

Success Story: Buffy

This is Buffy. We adopted him in February or March of this year. He’s extremely loud, super cuddly, and very demanding! He sleeps on my legs every night, purring loudly. I would recommend this rescue to anyone looking to adopt a kitty! -Lisa

Success Story: Sass

Named "Sass" by her foster family and "Juliette" by CTRS, we adopted her in July 2018 at the Maple Ridge location. She is the kitty we never knew we needed. After a very stressful year for my family, we picked up Sass to add to our family and to symbolize a fresh start for us.

Success Story: Merlin

This is Merlin, previously Sooty. I adopted him in June of this year, today he is 8 months old. He's the weirdest creature I've ever met and every day I love him more and more. Thanks so much for what you guys do! I can't imagine my life without this boy and it's all thanks

Success Story: Lucy

Lucy, formerly Mercedes. Adopted in July. Sweetest kitten ever! And very talkative as you can see. She looooves playing with her dog sister and cat brother. Adoption process was so quick and easy; very happy to have adopted through CTRS, will definitely do so again one day. -Kim

Success Story: Stella & Luna

Stella, adopted from the Surrey Petland, and Luna adopted from Bosley’s in Langley. We adopted both of them about 3 weeks ago. Stella is a playful, active little girl who likes to be boss. She is extremely cuddly! Luna is much more reserved and timid. She is coming to us now, and both girls are

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