Success Story: Shea

This is Shea (formerly Rachel, 1st Cat Therapy kitty from the Maple Ridge PetSmart). We adopted her back in February and she has been such a pleasure. I was so happy with Cat Therapy that I have come out a few times to help out at adoption events since. -Amanda

Sucess Story: Bofur

Formerly Tiger, Bofur has really grown from a 4month old DSH to a fluffy big boy. Here’s a painted portrait of him, painted by me. The adoption process was straightforward and I love how CTRS would ask how Bofur is doing whenever we randomly bump into each other. -Laurie

Success Story: Ragnar and Runa

My girlfriend and I adopted Ragnar and Runa (Nightberry and Blackberry) a week and a half ago and we were so impressed with the Cat Therapy and Rescue Society. After over a month of applying for kittens at a different shelter and always getting passed over for another adopter (although our application was approved), we

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