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Can anyone drive a cat from Vancouver(Mount pleasant area) to the vets in Langley for 5:30pm tomorrow then back to Vancouver?
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1 am the fish has disappeared

They each deserve a lifetime of being spoiled and shown so much love. Thank you for saving them.

My heart breaks for these poor babies. They don't know yet how fortunate they are to have you..

Awe poor kitties . Hope they come around and start eating

you are a very kind person💕

Thank you for all you do!

Thank you so much 🙏♥️♥️

Awww they look pretty comfy

Poor little ones - you’re doing such great work!!

How old are they estimated to be?

Thanks for answering. Yes, let's hope they figure out the litter box, soon. 🙂 Thank you for doing this!

Oh cute eyes. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Aww, poor little things!

Lots of love will make them feel safe ♥️

Awwww....thank you for what you do❤️

Ohhhh, how do you train them to use the litter box? That's so hard for you to have to wake up to poop everywhere, not fun to clean up.

They are all staying so close together. Scared babies but with your help they will be ok

You could maybe work on not peeing while being held....

When will these kittens be ready for adoption?


Eat up fur babies ❤️

Eat up babies!!

Time and patience.

The way they look at you trying to feed them some fish 😔 poor kitties have lost trust into humans. One can only imagine what they must’ve been through

Those ones will for sure come around. They're handling your presence really well.

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Aww, how heartbreaking to imagine what they've been through. So glad for you guys, I wish I had more $$, when I have some, I'll give, but I know you need it now and not when I have, so I hope others are able to donate. xoxoxo

Aww poor little things all squeezed up in one corner, giving each other comfort 💕

Awww so sweet...all together being cared for now, thanks to you

Poor babies. Thanks you guys for taking care of them. <3 they still look scared but not as bad as yesterday

So sweet. My little girl had same thing. I fed her pumpkin for two weeks cleared it up.

Oh poor babies.

Awww they look so scared 😢.... I'm sure they'll relax soon though....

So cute

Poor babies.

Those little faces! 🥺

Omg they are adorable


Omg what cuties

Omg so cute. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕worried eyes.


💕💕💕Open to fostering if needed...have filled out app 😊💕💕💕

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All funds go towards supporting Cat Therapy and Rescue 😻GUESS WHAT?!

This Saturday, July 18, Lisa the Animal Communicator will be in-store doing readings by donation! All proceeds will go to our adoption partner: Cat Therapy & Rescue Society. And it doesn't just have to be your cat or dog either! Lisa has talked to my horses many times! 🐱 🐶 🐴

We have a limited number of appointments starting at 3:30pm - please call the store to book your time: 604 943 8030.
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All funds go towards supporting Cat Therapy and Rescue 😻

Warning Graphic images.

We received 6 cats but sadly 5 were found deceased in piles of garbage.

The owner living in Merritt was convinced to surrender the cats by a family member befire all severely malnourished cats died. Many of the adult cats were under 2 Kg when they should be at least 5 kg

These cats will require foster homes and we need support with medical bills. If you can donate to support their care.

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Not sure why you felt you had to post pictures of dead cats. Not like the. SPCA or anyone can step in or do anything. I saw these pictures last night and couldn’t stop thinking about what these cats must have endured. So really just find these pics traumatizing as nothing will be done about it.

So shocking to see something like this happening yet again... thanks for saving the 6 cats ❤️ you do an amazingly great job for our feline friends out there every single day !

I have gotten to a point where I'm convinced humanity is a thing of the past. I love all animals and this is truly sinful. How can one live like this first of all. It is a sickness and someone should have gotten them help. It's devastating that animals suffered because of it. Too many animals suffer at the hands of humans and it honestly breaks my heart. It shouldn't be this way and I hope that one day it ends. Sadly that day is long coming. RIP for the 5 that passed. I hope the ones who were rescued get healthy and live the best life ❤

I feel so sad for these kitties but also for the person living like this. This person is in need of medical help. My hubby will make a little donation tomorrow. Wish it was more but one of our cats just had a big dental bill.

The cat I adopted from your organization came from a similar situation. He is the best and I'm so glad he was saved.

Who tf allows this to even happen? Where are this person’s family and neighbors, and how did anyone not notice? These poor babies. 🥺 Thank you for going in and saving the ones that you can.

Obviously a hording situation. So incredibly sad 😢 Breaks my heart for these poor kitties and the person living in their mental mind Reminds me of Grey Gardens

This is absolutely gut wrenching. But thank you so much for all that you do.

Wtf is going on in Merritt with all these cat hoarding situations? These poor babies. It breaks my heart and makes me livid at the same time. Thank you for rescuing the ones you could.

...sometimes I really HATE people....poor little souls🥺...

Thank you for saving them! How horrific!

Tragic all around. Glad some of the cats have a great chance now.

That's so sad. I hate it when people hoard animals, though I realize it's a mental health issue.

That is horrible...those cats look so upset..the other ones sadly never knew a good home 🙁

Donated ❤️ id love to find out how to become a foster! I have two cats of my own and this is just SO SAD.

I'm saddened & pissed off at the same time. May the past owner & kitties get all the necessary care needed xx

Oh gawd. Thank you for helping the six.

Donated. Thanks for doing what you do. ❤️

Omg those poor kitties 💔

So sad 🙁 Hoping the rest survive and do well with fosters

was this reported to the SPCA, since they have the legal authority to investigate hoarding and potential cruelty?

Oh my gosh. This is so disturbing and horrific. I’m sorry but how can someone let this happen. These poor animals. It just breaks my heart knowing there are most out there who live in horrific/bad conditions. I’m so sorry 5 were found deceased, luckily the other ones are safe now and will get a chance at a proper life. I wish we could save all the animals out there ❤️❤️ Thank you everyone here, you all do such amazing work and I’m so thankful we have this organization. I hope the ones who survives will be okay


Let me know if you need me to foster one. I think I can make room for 1 more 💕

So sad ..

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