Age: 1 year old

Sex: Male

Info: Meet Banjo! He is a friendly, curious, affectionate boy who is looking for a lap to knead and snuggle on. Banjo is a chatty cat who will let you know that he needs attention! His favourite toys were a laser pointer and a mouse on a wand that he loves to leap up and catch . He also loves toys with catnip in them. Banjo’s favourite thing to scratch on was a cardboard scratcher. After a good, hard play session later in the evening, he spent the night quietly in his own room. In the morning, he will need lots of attention and play time to get his energy out again. He gets along well with other cats and was good about giving them their space. He’d do well with other cats to keep him busy.
Banjo had some pees outside the litter box at first but this stopped when he was given a second litter box with clumping corn litter. He seemed to prefer the clumping litter but still used the other box with wood pellets as well. For the best transition into your life, Banjo will do well to start off in a small space and gradual introductions into other spaces. You will need patience as he settles into his new routine. Two things to watch out for if you think Banjo is the cat for you: he will eat people food if left out (weird things you’d never expect a cat to try like cottage cheese) and the door leading to outside. He seems very interested in going outdoors and will come running when the door to outside is opened. Please note he was shaved when he came to CTRS. When his fur grows in, he will likely need some regular brushing.

Location: Cambie Petsmart