Age: 3 (01/14/19)
Sex: Male

Bud likes attention. He is very vocal and will let you know when he’s happy or wants something from you. He will do best with someone who can spend a lot of time with him and have at least a couple good play sessions per day. Bud can be quite shy at first and will like to have somewhere to hide under. He will need someone who can be patient as he gets more comfortable over time.

Bud is very affectionate and will give you the hardest head bumps you’ve ever had! He likes to roll over your on your feet or lap, sometimes belly up, and rub against your hand. He may sleep on your bed at night but would appreciate his own comfy space for some good zzzz’s. Bud will tolerate being picked up now and then but does not seem to like it. Bud likes heights. He sometimes like to find a high place to sleep (such as on top of kitchen cupboards) and occasionally will sit on the window sill.
Bud seems to love small, cozy toys to play with. He was given a new wand toy recently and although it took him a few days to become comfortable, he now loves chasing it around the house. Bud seems to enjoy brushing and did quite well with nail trimming. Bud is still easily scared and quite jumpy at many things. Sometimes even moving the wrong way can startle him and he may be scared of things like new toys at the beginning. He’s had a rough start at life with reconstructive surgery after getting stuck in a car engine, and a frost-bitten ear. But have patience and you will see him grow into a very playful, loving and silly cat! He’s got so much love to give and will make you smile.

Location: Cambie Petsmart