Age: 2 years
Sex: Female

Luna is a beautiful small cat with a huge personality. She loves action and is a funny little goofball that enjoys playing with all kinds of toys. While she’s not the best hunter of feather strings just yet, she sure is quick chasing little balls and toy mice around the house. Luna loves to follow her people around and does not like being excluded in any household activities, or being separated from you in another room. This precious girl also loves to cuddle a lot. She’ll crawl up into your lap and enjoys lying on her back having her tummy pet and will make sure to even shower your face with love. She’ll let you pick her up and carry her around for a while too. Luna is a vocal little bean, not very loud with her meows, but she’s got tons of stories and opinions to share and knows how to demand pets and food from her humans as well. When she’s done playing or cuddling she usually likes to sprawl out on different furniture or even the floor for some quiet time, she did not seem to have any favourite sleeping spots while in our care, rather enjoyed the variety in places to lounge in. Luna sure likes food and is great at covering her messes in the box, a high-walled litter box is recommended for her though. She’s not picky with humans big or small, and her outgoing personality will want to make friends quickly with everyone. She wouldn’t mind her home being vibrant and busy, as long as she can be part of it all. While she does like other cats as well, Luna is a rather dominant cat and should be paired only with other very confident felines that know how to put her in place in order to avoid the risk of her possibly bullying them. But she would also do well as an only cat with humans that have lots of time for her.

Location: Marine Way Petsmart