Age: 7Y
Sex: Male

Mike is very attention seeking! He will try to cuddle up with you every opportunity he gets. He is a love bug who loves to snuggle. He doesn’t like to be picked up, however. Loves caves more than the heights. He is shy at first so he needs a space to hide away. He loves food. He’s a very friendly cat and he stays calm during nail trimming. Loves brushing as well.
Mike is the sweetest lovebug! He will crawl up next to you at every opportunity he gets. Please be warned that he may drive you to the corner of your bed at night and wake you up with lots of kisses on your face.
Oh boy, this little one can eat! He loves food and he will try to get a piece of your leftovers that you may have forgotten to put away. This mischief has been successful a couple of times but his big eyes and cutest meows will have you forgiving him in no time. Lastly, he can be shy at first. But give him a couple of days, and he will quickly warm up to you and follow you around the house like a shadow.

Location: Petsmart Metrotown