3 year old female, looking for single, good humored male (or female)

Name: Precious
Relationship: single and actively looking
Kids: None
Want kids: No, and not able
Ethnicity: Feline
Body type: Athletic and furry
Height: 1′ 11″ to tip of tail

I’m looking to settle down with the right person and start our lives together. I am very playful but also enjoy a good snuggle… on my terms. Ideally I’m looking for a strong single guy that needs a good lady in his life to keep him on the straight and arrow. I like to keep our relationship exciting by keeping you guessing as to whether we are doing to have a snuggle session or wrestling match. I love to give kisses on your hand, but not afraid to give a quick bite to keep you in line. I prefer a monogamous relationship as I do not like other cats.
I am very active and love playing with strings and toys… think you have what it takes to keep up with me?

Located at Chilliwack Petsmart