Age: 5 months

Sex: Male

Info: HI! I’m Sebastian. I’m one of three brothers along with Stich and Olaf.
My brothers and I had it a little bit of a rough start to our lives and were found living under a porch. When we got to our foster parent’s house, we were very scared, everything was so new. We hissed a lot and weren’t the friendliest. But we’ve gotten used to these hoo-mans and I think we’ll get used to new ones too.

It’s taken a little while but I’ve started to really like living with people. I don’t have the biggest purr motor yet but sometimes when I curl up on a nice warm lap, I can really start purring away! I really really love playing…. Sticks with strings are my FAVORITE and I could play with them forever.

My brother Stitch and I are pretty bonded and love to play together so I hope there’s a home out there that can take my brother and I. We’re probably best going to a home without small children or dogs because we can get scared by sudden movements from little hands. We’ve met a dog and we didn’t like him at all, even after a few days.

Our foster parents still feed us by hand so we need someone who is going to understand that we will need some time to warm up and food is the way to our hearts…. did someone say “Treat”

Location: Foster Home.