Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Yuki is an independent, dainty cat. She can be skittish but will spend more time with you as she becomes more accustomed to you. She spent her first week with her foster under the couch but has since been spending time in other found spots around the place. She enjoys cheek rubs, neck scratches and bum rubs and will ask for them at night when you are lying in bed. During the day, she will spend time watching you or lying near you but prefers to be left alone. Yuki has begun to tolerate louder noises around the house but will still dart away if she thinks you are moving towards her. She is most active in the late evening/night time and sometimes gets the “zoomies” running around the room and jumping on things. She enjoys her scratching post and watching out the window. She is picky with her wet food and will only eat chunks or shredded food (no pate!). She does not do well with other cats and probably not with other animals in general. A calmer household, with adults and/or older teens would suit her best.

Location: Foster Care